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1. Call 911.
Many people do not call emergency services in an attempt to avoid waiting at the accident scene or just to simplify the claims process. However, the only way to make sure there is a reliable record of how your wreck happened, including statements made on the scene, is to have law enforcement present. However, if the officer believes there is less than $1,000 in property damage and no one claims injury, the officer does not have to do a full report. Be sure to ask the officer to make a complete report including all witnesses to the wreck.
2. Get medical attention.
Having medical attention is important because this officially documents your complaints and injuries suffered. If your injury, pain, and suffering is not recorded in a medical record, then the insurance company will act as though it does not exist. When in doubt, get checked out. Even if you do not have health insurance, your attorney can still assist with the process of getting medical care.
3. Call the Law Office of L. T. Williams.

It is important to contact your attorney early in the claims negotiation process to make sure all steps are being taken to properly protect and maximize your personal injury claim.  We understand that this is usually a frustrating and confusing time in which people often rely on the advice of family and friends.  We, however, strongly encourage you to at least speak with an attorney before potentially causing unnecessary harm to your personal injury claim by relying on non-attorneys.  Although family and friends mean well, each and every case is different and therefore cannot necessarily be used as means of comparison for how your specific case should be handled or will be resolved.  It never hurts to call an attorney, and our consultations are always FREE!